New York City Wildlife and Animal Removal

Will Your Homeowners Insurance Pay for Wild Animal Damage?

Wild animals cost New York City homeowners millions of dollars annually to houses, yards, and other property. The damage can be as simple as bird droppings damaging the paint job on your car, to New York rats, squirrels, or other rodents destroying the wiring in your home with their constant chewing. Animals can devastate an expensive landscaping job over night.

Voles Moles and Gophers can burrow through water pipes, septic lines, or electrical conduit. Excrement from nesting animals can destroy insulation and rot floorboards and dry wall. Access holes chewed through roofs walls and soffits as animal entry ways let in the elements like wind and rain causing even more damage. Often wild New York City animals are a danger to pets and people. All this destruction can be costly and cause hardship for the family.

If you, like most New York homeowners, have comprehensive insurance, you may be covered! If your favorite pet misses you so much that you come home to a ripped arm chair and a trashed kitchen, you insurance will be no help. But, when a wild animal damages a structure on your New York City property, you may have a legal claim. If an animal goes crazy in your garage, your personal belongings like keepsakes and Christmas ornament usually won't be covered, but any damage caused to the to the structure itself is probably already included in your coverage.

While damage to you home by wild New York City animals is often covered, damage caused by insects, rodents ( rats, mice, squirrels etc) or most birds (a window broken by a bird or pigeons overtaking your attic might be an exception) is not typically covered by a standard homeowners policy. Unfortunately the extensive damage from animal infestations or waste is also excluded from standard homeowner’s coverage. There are addendums to policies that can be written in if you live in an area known for wild animal problems. Prevention is always best when dealing with problems of this magnitude. Maintain areas in your yard and around your New York home. Remove objects that are tempting nesting areas for wildlife. Meet with your agent for a review and make sure you understand what your homeowner’s policy covers. If New York animal damage is discovered, and your policy will cover it, make sure to file with your as soon as you discover the damage.

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