What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Skunks?

When people find baby New York City skunks on the roads or elsewhere seeking for help, contacting the hotlineis the best option as it is not easy to carry out the rescue operation. The rescue mission cannot be done without knowing anything about the New York skunks. Skunks are different from other animals in many ways. They cannot adapt to the food habits of other animals.

They are found in the wild in the mountains and in some urban settings in the city. You need to be concerned about both ends of the New York City skunk as they will bite or spray while approaching them. The fact is that skunks contain rabies and care must be taken while approaching them. So be calm and put them in a box and immediately contact the hotline. The New York rehabilitators will soon arrive and hand it over to them. They know the right way to feed these baby skunks.

The New York City wildlife rehabilitators often volunteer their efforts and time to this profession but has to lead a good life outside as well. They have a wide variety of formulas for the diet plans in skunks which include Fox Valley, Esbilac, and KMR where Esbilac is more commonly used. They add baby cereal and high-quality puppy chow to this formula and soak chow in water. They also provide raw or cooked meat cut into small pieces. Unlike other animals, These skunks have a specific diet plan. If it doesn’t consume the food accordingly, it can lead to horrible diarrhea and will also lose its eyesight. This can even lead to death.

Skunk babies must reach a normal body temperature in order to provide any kind of fluids or food. Their organs should get warmed and can even lead to death if it is not given proper care. All the New York City skunks will be dehydrated upon their arrival and the rehabilitators can identify this by checking out their eyes and gums. Sometimes they use ‘tent test’ to check for dehydration. They try all the methods to check for dehydration and then proper care is given to the babies. The fastest way to re-hydrate is through oral administration of fluids. If the New York animal is unable to swallow, the rehabilitators will provide subcutaneous injections of fluids. They make a use of a syringe to give fluids orally to a skunk. This way the New York City wildlife rehabilitators protect these skunks and feed them according to their diet plan.

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