Information About Squirrels

Squirrels are known as medium sized New York City rodents that belong to family titled as Sciuridae. It will not be wrong to mention here that we all are aware of these animals as you can find them commonly at different locations. This particular family which has been mentioned above includes the following:
• Ground squirrels
• Tree squirrels
• Chipmunks
• Flying squirrels
• Marmot
• Prairie dogs

With exception of Australia you can find squirrels in almost all parts of the world. Approximately 200 species of these animals are present so you can expect that a huge variety is included in this family. Interesting point to mention here is that smallest squirrel that is known as pygmy squirrel is only 5 inches long from its tail to nose. On the other hand there are New York City squirrels which achieve larger heights and are much larger than squirrels that we normally see in our surroundings. There is a squirrel known as the Indian giant and it’s almost one meter long. It is amazing to see to the size, which can be achieved by these animals. You can see these animals almost everywhere from parks to cities so it is always a common incident to come across New York squirrels.

Commonly these New York City animals breed one or two time per year giving birth to their young ones and the number of babies is dependent upon specie. When a young one is born its naked, blind and toothless. In majority of species it has been noticed that female takes the responsibility of taking care of the young one. The young squirrels reach the stage of sexual maturity when first year of their life is completed. Generally species, which dwell in ground, are regarded as social animals and you can notice that they prefer to live in colonies that are very well developed. However, species that dwell on trees can be regarded as solitary. Another important point to highlight here is that tree and ground New York squirrels are conventionally regarded as crepuscular or diurnal.

Habitat and Diet
There are four front teeth present in New York City squirrels that will show continuous growth so consistent gnawing is not going to produce any kind of effect on them. Tree squirrels are the ones that can be recognized in the easiest way as they leap from one branch to another. We also have ground squirrels that prefer to lie in tunnel systems as well as burrows whereas some also hibernate during winters. Coming towards their diet it has been noticed that ground squirrels prefer eating nuts, seeds, leaves and other similar kinds of plants. In addition to this, some of these animals are also seen eating and capturing smaller animals. It is easy for these New York animals to adopt in different environments.

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